Hi, I’m Tony McMahon – investigative historian, author, and journalist.

Tony McMahon brings history and science to life on TV

My range of interests and experience span the Knights Templar to the 1980s. My blogs, books, and film/TV content evidence my passion for history and science topics.

The long running blog, The Templar Knight, covers every aspect of this mysterious order of holy warriors! I’ve appeared on History, Discovery, UKTV, and other channels discussing the Templars. Visit the blog at https://thetemplarknight.com/

When it comes to post-war politics and current affairs – look no further. I have a vast archive of political and cultural material from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s having been politically very active and also working as a consultant to the US and UK governments on counter-terrorism and counter-extremism (P/CVE). Here is my blog on those decades: https://the70s80s90s.com/

And I’m hot on true crime throughout history but with a particular passion for late 19th century and early 20th century murder! This and many historical topics from the Vikings to Jack the Ripper covered on my Beardy History blog – and I’ve appeared on many TV documentaries discussing all these areas: https://beardyhistory.com/

My background as a print, TV and online reporter and producer means I approach history from an investigative angle. Looking into the past to uncover the truth about mysteries that are seemingly unsolvable. My job is to distinguish fact from fiction, history from mystery.

Royal scandals are something I am often asked to speak about – and here is my royal showreel with recent TV appearances:

Tony McMahon talks about royal scandals down the centuries

Whether I’m being filmed on location or in the studio, on my own or with fellow contributors and experts – my role as a former journalist as well as historian and author is to bring my investigative skills to the past. Examining with forensic precision those mysteries that have enthralled us for centuries, even millennia. No stone is left unturned as I ask the uncomfortable questions in my quest for the truth.

In my career, I have been a BBC news producer, award short-listed author, print journalist, historian, on-screen TV expert, documentaries producer, and communications consultant to government clients on terrorism and other social harms. Quite a portfolio!

I regularly pop up on history and science documentaries broadcast on History, Discovery, Channel 5, Curiosity, ITV and other channels around the word. Over the last five years, I’ve covered a vast number of topics from the Knights Templar to the real James Bond and filmed on location seeking the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.

I’m managed by the Past Preservers agency and you can book me to bring life to your TV programmes by asking for me at: casting@pastpreservers.com

Join me on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. I am the History Bear on YouTube!