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As a TV historian, I run a number of blog sites covering many periods of history from the ancients to the present day.

The Templar Knight For over ten years I have been running The Templar Knight blog, which has led to many TV documentary appearances talking about the history and mystery of the Templars as well as the many conspiracy theories.

Beardy History This blog ranges over thousands of years of history from ancient Egypt to unsolved Victorian murders. It covers politics, history, and culture from new and compelling angles.

The 70s 80s 90s Blog This blog is about post-Second World War history with a strong focus on the last three decades of the 20th century. It charts the rise of President Ronald Reagan and the UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Financial scandals, rock and pop music trends, weird cults, and lifestyle issues.

History Bear on YouTube On YouTube – I run the History Bear channel with playlists on the Knights Templar, the history of Horror from witches to werewolves; and films on all the top mysteries from the Bermuda Triangle to the Crystal Skulls.

History’s Terrorists For over a decade I worked for the UK, US and other governments as a consultant on counter-terrorism and counter-extremism programs all over the world. This has given me an unparalleled network of experts in this field as well as my own personal knowledge of the subject area. Whether it’s jihadism or the extreme Right.