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Beardy History

As a TV historian with a beard, it seems obvious to call this blog….Beardy History. And I have a playlist on YouTube to entertain the fans. This edition of Beardy History looks at the often stated claim that Queen Victoria had a penchant for what are now illegal drugs. I was to discuss this on the documentary series, Forbidden History (Discovery/UKTV).

The Templar Knight

I’ve been running the hugely popular Templar Knight blog for ten years and the user hits just keep coming. The subjects that the blog users never tire of are ‘where are the Knights Templar today?’ and ‘did they get to America?’. I tackle the latter question on my allied YouTube channel show Templar Knight TV below.

I manage the following Templar related pages on Facebook:

Knights Templar Forum

Quest for the True Cross

Jesus and the Bible

In recent years, I’ve commented on issues around the historicity of Jesus and investigated the truth about biblical prophets like Moses and Noah. The Abrahamic religions are something of an obsession of mine and I co-authored a book on Islamist ideology with the Muslim female activist Sara Khan: The Battle for British Islam (Saqi Books).

I’ve also started a vlog series on YouTube looking at Jesus – man or myth?